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Prenatal Consultations

Newborn Nirvana, LLC
Virtual Prenatal Lactation Consultation- $250

One 60-minute phone call or video session, accompanied by one week of messaging support

Our prenatal lactation consultation services are designed to ensure you step into this beautiful chapter with confidence and excitement. With a focus on all things breastfeeding and newborn care, we’re here to provide you with expert guidance, practical insights, and a supportive environment. From mastering breastfeeding basics to answering all your burning questions, our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to embrace this adventure with open arms.

  • Breastfeeding Basics: We’ll cover the truth of what to expect if you plan on breastfeeding
  • Addressing Concerns: We’ll go over the most common questions new parents have and we’ll provide you with practical strategies to handle them.
  • Understanding Infant Behavior: Discover the cues and signals your newborn sends, helping you to decipher their needs and build a strong bond.
  • Building Confidence: We’ll share tips to boost your breastfeeding confidence and dispel common myths, setting you up for success right from the start.
  • Q&A Session: Have burning questions? This is your time to ask anything and everything related to breastfeeding, newborn care, and your upcoming journey into parenthood.
Newborn Nirvana, LLC

Lactation Consultations

Newborn Nirvana, LLC

In-Home Sessions

Single Initial Lactation Consultation- $350

Up to 2 hours of in-person support, accompanied by one week of messaging support

During an in-home lactation appointment, we’ll dive deep into your breastfeeding journey, focusing on your unique needs and concerns. This personalized approach ensures that we address your specific challenges and provide you with practical solutions to make your breastfeeding experience as smooth and rewarding as possible. We always start with a review of your breastfeeding goals and adjust strategies if necessary to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. Remember, each session is tailored to your needs, and our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Here’s are just some of the things we can help you with: 

  • Latch and Positioning: We’ll work together to ensure your baby is latching properly and comfortably. We’ll guide you through different breastfeeding positions to find the one that suits you and your baby best.
  • A Deeper Dive into Feeding: We’ll discuss feeding frequency and duration, helping you establish a loose feeding routine that meets your baby’s nutritional needs while also accommodating your lifestyle.
  • Milk Production: Whether you’re concerned about low milk supply or an oversupply, we’ll explore techniques to manage and optimize your milk production.
  • Breast Health: We’ll provide guidance on maintaining breast health and preventing common issues like engorgement, blocked ducts, and mastitis.
  • Latch Challenges: If you’re experiencing discomfort while breastfeeding, we’ll identify potential causes and work together to alleviate pain through proper latch adjustments and positioning.
  • Pumping and Storing Milk: If you’re planning to pump breast milk, We’ll teach you effective pumping techniques and safe milk storage practices.
  • Pumping and Bottle-Feeding Guidance: If you’re planning to introduce pumping or bottle-feeding, We’ll provide guidance on equipment, techniques, and maintaining breastfeeding.
  • Baby’s Weight Gain: We’ll monitor your baby’s weight gain and discuss whether they’re receiving enough milk. We’ll help you recognize signs of adequate feeding.
  • Introduction to Solids: As your baby grows, we’ll touch on the transition to introducing solid foods.
  • Transition to Work or Time Away: If you’re transitioning back to work or need to spend time away from your baby, We’ll provide guidance on pumping, storing breast milk, and maintaining breastfeeding.
  • Nutrition and Hydration: We’ll provide guidance on maintaining a balanced diet and staying hydrated to support your breastfeeding journey.
  • Nurturing Your Well-Being: We’ll discuss self-care strategies and techniques to manage stress, ensuring you’re taking care of both yourself and your baby.
  • Weaning Support: When the time comes, We’ll provide guidance and strategies to smoothly navigate the weaning process, ensuring a comfortable transition for both you and your baby.
  • Q&A Session: This is your opportunity to ask any questions or address concerns you might have about breastfeeding, newborn care, or any related topics.
Single Follow-up Lactation Consultation- $250

1 hour of in-person support, accompanied by one week of messaging support

During a follow-up appointment we can fine tune what you have been doing. This is a good time to see if the plan from our previous is working or needs adjustment. Remember, even in a shorter follow-up consultation, our focus is on providing you with personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique situation and needs.

Here are some of the things we may work on during our follow-up appointment:

  • Review of Your Breastfeeding Goals: And adjust strategies if necessary to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Latch Assessment and Refinement: We’ll assess your baby’s latch and provide guidance on refining their latch technique to ensure effective breastfeeding.
  • Feeding Position Adjustments: We’ll explore different feeding positions to find the most comfortable and efficient one for both you and your baby.
  • Soreness and Discomfort Solutions: If you’re continuing to experience nipple soreness or discomfort, we’ll offer solutions and tips to alleviate these issues.
  • Baby’s Growth and Weight Gain: We’ll continue to monitor your baby’s growth and weight gain to ensure they’re thriving and getting adequate nutrition.
  • Answering Specific Questions: This is the perfect opportunity to address any specific questions or concerns you have since our last consultation.
  • Building Confidence: We’ll offer ongoing support and encouragement to boost your confidence in your breastfeeding journey.
Early Days Lactation Support Bundle- $750

Enjoy 5 hours of comprehensive support. Choose between virtual or in-person support, or a combination of both.
Daily messaging in between

This package includes in-home sessions – you, me, and your baby, getting real solutions in the comfort of your own space, and then follow-up with either in-home or virtual appointments, making sure you’re on track and feeling confident. And guess what? You won’t be alone in between these visits. You can contact us with your questions and updates anytime through messaging. This is your personalized roadmap to successful breastfeeding, offering you the support you need every step of the way. Appointments usually take place between birth-8 weeks but this package can be used at any time.

Virtual Sessions

Single Initial Lactation Consultation- $250

1 hour phone call or video session, accompanied by one week of messaging support

These virtual lactation consultations are designed to provide you with expert advice and support from the comfort of your own home, helping you overcome challenges and make the most of your breastfeeding experience. That said, there are some things that are just better in person, such as hands-on latch help, but that does not does not mean it cannot be done virtually when that is the only option. At the end of each consultation, you’ll receive a personalized plan outlining the strategies we’ve discussed to help you reach your (breast)feeding goals.

Here are some of the things we may work on during our virtual appointment:

  • Latch and Positioning Assessment: We’ll do our best to guide you through proper latch and positioning techniques, ensuring your baby is feeding effectively and comfortably.
  • Milk Supply Evaluation: Together, we’ll discuss your milk supply concerns and explore strategies to maintain or increase your milk production.
  • Deeper Dive into Feeding: We’ll help you establish a feeding routine that works best for both you and your baby’s needs.
  • Pumping Guidance: Whether you’re returning to work or simply want to build a stash, we’ll provide tips on effective pumping techniques and storage guidelines.
  • Returning to Work Transition: If you’re navigating the transition back to work, we can offer advice on managing breastfeeding while juggling a busy schedule.
  • Weaning Support: If you’re ready to wean, we’ll guide you through the process and offer tailored advice.
  • Solving Common Challenges: From sore nipples to engorgement, we’ll provide solutions for common breastfeeding challenges you may encounter.
  • Milk Storage and Handling: We’ll educate you on proper milk storage and handling techniques, ensuring the safety and quality of your expressed milk.
  • Baby’s Growth and Development: We’ll discuss your baby’s growth and develop a plan for proper weight gain as needed
  • Nutritional Guidance: We’ll explore your diet and nutritional choices to ensure you’re getting the essential nutrients needed for successful breastfeeding.
  • Virtual Q&A Sessions: You can ask any question and seek guidance on any aspect of breastfeeding, infant care, and your overall well-being.
Single Follow-up Lactation Consultation- $150

One 30-minute phone call or video session, accompanied by one week of messaging support

These shorter virtual lactation consultation follow-up sessions are designed to provide you with focused support and solutions to ongoing challenges, helping you stay on track and confident in your breastfeeding journey. We’ll provide you with an updated action plan based on our session, outlining steps to achieve your breastfeeding goals.

Here are some of the things we may work on during our follow-up virtual appointment:

  • Latch and Positioning Check: We’ll continue to assess your baby’s latch and positioning to ensure they’re feeding comfortably and efficiently.
  • Milk Supply Evaluation: We will see how things are progressing and we’ll address any concerns about your milk supply and provide guidance on maintaining or increasing it.
  • Feeding Challenges: If you’re still facing specific breastfeeding challenges, we’ll discuss strategies and solutions to overcome them.
  • Troubleshooting: We’ll help troubleshoot any issues you’re currently facing, from nipple soreness to engorgement.
  • Baby’s Growth Progress: We’ll discuss your baby’s growth from the previous visit and how the feeding plan is going..
  • Q&A Session: You’ll have the chance to ask any pressing questions you have about breastfeeding, infant care, and your well-being.
Newborn Nirvana, LLC

Parent Support Packages

Newborn Nirvana, LLC

Our Signature New Parent Support Package*- $2000

*Parents who choose this package will receive priority scheduling to ensure we can accommodate your needs promptly and secure our availability.

Enjoy 12 hours of comprehensive support, with two hours dedicated before your baby’s arrival (in-person) and ten hours post-delivery.

Customize how you’d like to spend our time after your baby arrives, whether through virtual visits or in-person support or a combination of both.

Additionally, enjoy daily messaging in-between.

Here’s an example of what a visit might look like:

Visit One (Before Baby's Arrival)

Our first visit is all about getting ready for your new addition to the family! We’ll chat about setting up a cozy and safe space for your baby, making a plan for feeding, covering the basics of taking care of an infant, and of course, answering any questions you might have. It’s a chance for us to ensure you feel completely prepared and excited as you get ready to welcome your little one into your lives.

Visit Two

The next visit will focus on facilitating your transition at home right after the baby is born, ensuring you feel more confident, relaxed, supported, and ready to embrace your new role. We’ll continue to address any questions or concerns you may have, offer guidance on newborn care, feeding, and soothing techniques, and we’re always here to provide assistance with any lactation issues you may encounter during this time.

Visit Three

In our third meeting, we’ll dive into the specific needs and adjustments that come with your baby’s arrival. We’ll cover topics like newborn care, feeding routines, soothing techniques, and how to ensure both baby and parents are getting the rest they need during those early days. We’re also here to provide guidance and support for any lactation issues you may be experiencing.

Visit Four

Our fourth session focuses on the ongoing well-being of your growing family. We’ll continue to address any concerns or questions you may have, offer guidance on infant development milestones, and help you adapt to your new roles as parents. Throughout our time together, we’re always here to assist with any lactation issues, ensuring that you and your baby are thriving.

Our support empowers parents to make informed decisions, build confidence, and find joy in their parenting journey, ultimately fostering a nurturing and harmonious environment for both parents and their newborns. Rest assured, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and ongoing support, ensuring you have the tools and confidence to thrive in your new roles as parents. Let’s navigate these early weeks together, making them as joyful and enriching as possible.

Here is a deeper dive of what it will look like for us to work together
  • I’ll be your trusted resource for navigating the unique challenges of those early days with your newborn.
  • Together, we’ll set up a feeding plan tailored to your baby’s needs, whether you’re exclusively breastfeeding or using a combination of breast milk and formula or exclusively formula feeding.
  • I’ll assist you in arranging your living space for maximum functionality, including setting up a cozy feeding area.
  • We’ll monitor your baby’s weight weekly to ensure healthy growth.
  • I will help you understand your baby’s behavior better until understanding your baby’s behavior becomes second nature
  • We’ll explore soothing techniques and delve into discussions about sleep.
  • We’ll work together to establish a daily routine (but not a schedule) that suits your family’s needs, providing structure amidst the unpredictability of newborn care.
  • I’ll guide you in creating a soothing environment for your baby, offering tips on creating a calming atmosphere through lighting, sounds, and gentle touch.
  • As part of our comprehensive approach, we’ll delve into techniques for promoting your baby’s cognitive and sensory development.
  • I’ll provide you with personalized strategies for self-care, ensuring you prioritize your own well-being while caring for your newborn.
  • For breastfeeding parents, I’ll offer in-depth guidance on proper latch techniques, maintaining milk production, and addressing common breastfeeding challenges.
  • We’ll explore babywearing and gentle movement techniques, fostering bonding and comfort for both you and your little one.
  • Navigating the world of baby products can be overwhelming, so I’ll provide recommendations and insights on essential items that can simplify your daily routines.
  • And as part of our holistic approach, we’ll discuss postpartum mental and emotional well-being, offering techniques to manage stress and maintain a positive mindset.

Have questions? Not sure if this is what you need?

Newborn Nirvana, LLC


Newborn Nirvana, LLC
How many sessions do I need?

Some people just need one session to address their needs, while others may need multiple sessions for ongoing support. Each session is accompanied by a corresponding level of messaging support. Messaging is perfect for any follow-up questions or clarifications, as well as any new questions that may arise after our session. We’re here to support you every step of the way. A single session is great for lots of general questions or a single issue. But if the issue is deeper or more complex, we may be able to dive in deeper through more than one session as well as messaging in between.

Do you work with experienced parents?

Certainly. we work with parents who have varying levels of experience. Whether you’re a first-time parent or have previous parenting experience, our goal is to provide guidance and support tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

I think I’d like to book a multi-session package, but can we chat first?

Yes, absolutely. Contact us to schedule a free 15-minute call to ensure we’re the right fit.

Do the packages have an expiration date?
Our packages remain valid for one year from the date of purchase.
What are your business hours?
We’re here to help! We offer in-person, virtual consultations, and email/message support for lactation needs. We’re typically available during business hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time (PST). If you have a question outside these hours, your consultant may be able to help at their availability.
Newborn Nirvana, LLC

Other Info

Newborn Nirvana, LLC
Service Area

We are available for in-home consultations in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Marin Counties. Travel time exceeding 25 miles will incur an additional charge of $50.
We are also available for virtual consultations (phone and video) all over the world.

Insurance Reimbursement

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) enhances the accessibility and affordability of breastfeeding for millions of American women. The legislation mandates that all new health plans must offer specific preventive services at no additional cost, encompassing coverage for breastfeeding support and supplies. However, plans existing before March 23, 2010, with no significant changes (considered “grandfathered”) are exempt from covering preventive services, including breastfeeding benefits. Confused about reimbursement? You are not alone. The National Women’s Law Center has designed a complimentary toolkit to help you better understand your insurance coverage under the healthcare law and how to request reimbursement. To access the toolkit, please click here. For further information, you can reach out to them at 1-866-745-5487 or

While the majority of insurance companies include coverage for lactation consultations, we advise verifying your plan details with your insurance carrier. Although Newborn Nirvana does not handle insurance claims internally, we will furnish you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement upon the completion of our services.

Self-Pay Fee

We accept cash, check, Zelle, and Venmo.

Cancellation Policy

Kindly provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice in case you need to cancel your appointment. Failure to do so will incur a $50 cancellation fee. Should a cancellation occur on our end, you will have the option to continue with another lactation consultant from Newborn Nirvana, if preferred and available; otherwise, the appointment will be rescheduled.